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and Enjoy a Smarter Way to Park

Switching from using paper-based methods to implementing QuickPark‘s digital solution is equivalent to going from using a traditional typewriter to using a cutting-edge computer. It is a major step towards modernization, offering improved productivity, accessibility, and ease, and facilitating a smooth switch that opens up a wide range of opportunities for your business.

Keep Parking System

Organized and Efficient


QuickPark's state-of-the-art reservation and bagging system streamlines the parking process

Geared towards municipalities and operators, this system enables the creation of various types of reservations, tracks parking space availability, and facilitates temporary curbside blocks or reservations with ease.

Revolutionize Your Parking System

with Our State-of-the-Art Digital Permit Technology

Experience the power of our exceptional parking permit system and robust platform to take your business to new heights.

Digital permits for a hassle-free experience: No more traditional permits and paperwork. Manage all your permits conveniently online from start to finish.

Customizable permits: Create the permits that suit your needs, whether they're for regular use or a one-time event. You can even choose the duration of the permit.

Effortless management: Easily handle approvals, renewals, and waitlists with just a few clicks.

Seamless transition: We'll transfer your existing permit holders to our platform without any extra work on your end.

Stay informed: Your permit holders will receive email notifications for receipts, reminders before expiration dates, and prompts for renewals.

Types of Permits

Simplified Home Eligibility Verification: Our system streamlines the process of confirming your residence. Say goodbye to manually searching for addresses or individually approving applications.

Targeted Permit Issuance: Our permits are specific to certain addresses, ensuring a seamless fit.

Effortless Management of Guests and Visitors: Keep track of all guest and visitor permits in a single location. Say farewell to the inconvenience of printing or sending out separate permits.

Empower Your Permit Team: Provide your permit team with the necessary tools to streamline operations.

Comprehensive Permit Reports: Access a central location for all permit reports, including approval statuses, applicant information, and waitlist management.

Efficient Waitlist Management: Benefit from our adaptable waitlist system that automatically makes offers and allows for custom expiration dates.

Streamlined Approval Process: Utilize our unified approval queue, complete with advanced search and filters, to quickly review and approve user applications.

Insights Backed by Data: Make informed decisions with reports that include financial analysis, inventory management, usage trends, and waitlist statuses.

Simplified Permits: Easily issue and renew permits, whether in person or via mail, and stay organized with detailed payment tracking and reporting.

Personalized Online Platform: Amaze your customers with a customized online hub that reflects the essence of your brand.

Convenient and Secure Permits: Simplify the process and ensure security with a city-branded portal. Apply for permits at any time and from anywhere.

Tailored Control: Customize the level of access and capabilities for permit holders on the portal to fit your specific needs.

Easy-to-Access FAQs: Include personalized FAQs on the portal for permit holders to easily find information about your services and regulations.

The fastest and safest way to handle transactions

Improve your financial situation and reduce costs by utilizing QuickPark‘s convenient payment options.

“Collaborate with the Payment Experts at QuickPark!

At QuickPark, our payment system seamlessly integrates with our all-in-one mobility platform, making it as easy as peanut butter and jelly. We have strong partnerships with trusted providers, making payment processing a breeze. With our system, you can efficiently handle both credit and debit card earnings on a daily basis.

Here are some great benefits of this partnership:

Streamlined Operations: No more headaches trying to reconcile different payment methods.

Increased Profit: Our system helps you save on processing fees, allowing you to keep more of your earnings.

Say Goodbye to Third-Party Services: With QuickPark, you won’t need to rely on external gateways and processors, simplifying the payment process and reducing the chance of issues.”

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