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QuickPark offers a state-of-the-art digital enforcement solution that provides you with everything you need to collect evidence, give warnings and citations, and increase revenue recovery. Our powerful and transparent system will not only make your staff more efficient, but also encourage payment compliance, resulting in a boost in revenue.

Empowering law enforcement

with smart and intuitive software

Photo Enforcement

Transform Your Compliance Management Approach

Improve Your Surroundings with Stationary LPR Cameras for Easy Enforcement and Smooth Communication with Unpaid Parkers.

Effortlessly Monitor and Enforce Parking

with LPR Development

Explore the Wealth of CuttingEdge Functions Built into Our Parking Control and Automated License Plate Reading System.

Experience Effortless Data and Insights!

Effortlessly Stay Synced: No more docking or downloading data. Our system automatically keeps everything in sync in real time.

Stay Informed with Live Monitoring: Keep an eye on your officers in real time and improve security and customer service.

Easy Beat Management: Simplify officer beats and schedules with live GPS tracking. Ensure optimal coverage for important areas.

Tailored Reports for Targeted Enforcement: Create customized reports to identify repeat rule-breakers and better focus your enforcement efforts.

Insightful Heatmaps: Our ticket heatmap provides valuable information on hotspot areas. Use this data to make strategic improvements such as adjusting signage, addressing equipment issues, or increasing officer presence. πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ”πŸ“ˆ

Effortless Observation and Ticketing, Even Without Internet! Our offline ticketing system allows for smooth ticket issuance, even without an internet connection. Your enforcement will continue uninterrupted.

Convenient Ticket Tools: Our handheld ticketing equipment, such as Zebra, N5s, Bluetooth printers, and more, make the process easy. Our mobile app is user-friendly and efficient.

Perfect Picture Evidence: Simplify the process by attaching photos, notes, and internal information to streamline adjudication. Managing scofflaws becomes a breeze.

Digital Chalking Magic: Equip your team with the power of digital chalking and improve scofflaw management. Enhance efficiency and compliance with ease! πŸ“‹πŸ“ΈπŸš—πŸ’»

Easily Resolve Citation Issues with These Fast Solutions!

Choose from a Variety of Payment Options: Quickly locate citations and provide convenient payment choices for offenders.

Simple Mobile Payments: Easily add citation payments through Passport's mobile parking app.

Smooth Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates with leading industry solutions like Barnacle and VERRA.

Effortless Appeal Process: Automatically receive appeal notifications and connect with the court system for easier resolutions.

Take Control of Outstanding Citations: Stay organized by matching overdue citations with owner information and sending notices by mail.

Customized Notices: Create and send personalized branded notices to verified addresses.

Efficient Escalation and Planning: Effectively handle unpaid bills by setting up escalation fees, arranging payment plans, and streamlining the process of collecting difficult payments.

Effortlessly Enhance Your LPR Skills!

Transform into a License Plate Expert: Quickly scan plates with our wizardry tools. Easily discover active parking sessions, permits, and monitor for potential violations with ease.

Master Time Management: Save time and resources by using license plate scanning to enforce strict time limits. Avoid overtime parking with just a few clicks. πŸš—πŸ”βŒ›

Processing transactions efficiently, seamlessly, and with maximum security️

Improve Your Cash Flow and Cut Down on Expenses with QuickPark‘s Payment Solutions

Join forces with the Payment Experts!

Collaborate with the Payment Experts!

All-in-One Solution: Let QuickPark’s Payments be the cornerstone of your mobility management system. We work closely with reliable partners to provide a seamless payment experience.

Effortless Operations: Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of handling payments on a daily basis.

Save Money: With lower processing costs, you’ll have more funds to invest in your business.

Simplify your Process: No need for additional gateways or processors. Our straightforward approach streamlines the payment process. πŸ€πŸ’°πŸš€

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